Optional: Join an IRC Room

The Matrix community maintains bridges to most major IRC networks. You can use the same Matrix account and client to join IRC channels as well as Zuul’s Matrix Room. You will benefit from the persistent connection and history features as well. Follow the instructions below to join an IRC channel. The example below is for the #opendev channel on OFTC, but the process is similar for other channels or networks.

Click the plus icon next to Rooms on the left of the screen, then click Explore public rooms in the dropdown that appears.


A popup dialog will appear; below the search bar in the dialog, click the dropdown selector labeled Matrix rooms (matrix.org) and change it to OFTC rooms (matrix.org). Then enter #opendev into the search box.


It will display No results for “#opendev” which is an unfortunate consequence of one of the anti-spam measures that is necessary on IRC. Disregard that and hit enter or click Join, and you will join the room.

If this is your first time joining an OFTC channel, you will also receive an invitation to join the OFTC IRC Bridge status room.


Accept the invitation.


This is a private control channel between you and the system that operates the OFTC bridge. Here you can perform some IRC commands such as changing your nickname and setting up nick registration. That is out of scope for this HOWTO, but advanced IRC users may be interested in doing so.

You may repeat this procedure for any other IRC channels on the OFTC, Freenode, or libera.chat networks.