Release Notes

Zuul uses reno for release note management. When adding a noteworthy feature, fixing a noteworthy bug or introducing a behavior change that a user or operator should know about, it is a good idea to add a release note to the same patch.

Installing reno

reno has a command, reno, that is expected to be run by developers to create a new release note. The simplest thing to do is to install it locally with pip:

pip install --user reno

Adding a new release note

Adding a new release note is easy:

reno new releasenote-slug

Where releasenote-slug is a short identifier for the release note. reno will then create a file in releasenotes/notes that contains an initial template with the available sections.

The file it creates is a yaml file. All of the sections except for prelude contain lists, which will be combined with the lists from similar sections in other note files to create a bulleted list that will then be processed by Sphinx.

The prelude section is a single block of text that will also be combined with any other prelude sections into a single chunk.