The SMTP driver supports reporters only. It is used to send email when items report.

Connection Configuration

<smtp connection>
<smtp connection>.driver (required)

The connection must set driver=smtp for SMTP connections.

<smtp connection>.server
Default: localhost

SMTP server hostname or address to use.

<smtp connection>.port
Default: 25

SMTP server port.

<smtp connection>.default_from
Default: zuul

Who the email should appear to be sent from when emailing the report. This can be overridden by individual pipelines.

<smtp connection>.default_to
Default: zuul

Who the report should be emailed to by default. This can be overridden by individual pipelines.

<smtp connection>.user

Optional user name used to authenticate to the SMTP server. Used only in conjunction with a password. If no password is present, this option is ignored.

<smtp connection>.password

Optional password used to authenticate to the SMTP server.

<smtp connection>.use_starttls
Default: false

Issue a STARTTLS request to establish an encrypted channel after having connected to the SMTP server.

Reporter Configuration

A simple email reporter is also available.

A connection that uses the smtp driver must be supplied to the reporter. The connection also may specify a default To or From address.

Each pipeline can overwrite the subject or the to or from address by providing alternatives as arguments to the reporter. For example:

- pipeline:
    name: post-merge
        subject: Change {change} failed
pipeline.<reporter>.<smtp source>

To report via email, the dictionaries passed to any of the pipeline reporter attributes support the following attributes:

pipeline.<reporter>.<smtp source>.to

The SMTP recipient address for the report. Multiple addresses may be specified as one value separated by commas.

pipeline.<reporter>.<smtp source>.from

The SMTP sender address for the report.

pipeline.<reporter>.<smtp source>.subject

The Subject of the report email.