Acme Enterprise Zuul

Zuul is an Open Source project with a diverse community of users happy to answer questions and help out other users. But the time and expertise of community contributors is limited, and the community releases software on a "when it's ready" cadence.

Acme Gating is the premier source of Zuul expertise. It was founded by the original author of Zuul with the goal of helping you achieve success with Zuul.

Acme Enterprise Zuul is a fully supprorted and Open-Source distribution of Zuul and is the best way to ensure that you have the resources you need to use Zuul effectively in your organization.


Acme Enterprise Zuul is fully supported by Acme Gating. It is an ongoing relationship for a fixed cost providing support for a certain number of incidents per month.

A support contract is a two-way street: we want to work closely with you to understand your needs and help improve Zuul to your benefit. Support incidents help us understand pain points, but we also want to keep working with you to make sure your needs are reflected in future changes to Zuul.

Get Started

Get started today with Acme Enterprise Zuul.

If you would like to experiment with the community version of Zuul, use our configurator to get started quickly.

Whether you are evaluating Zuul or already have a system running, contact Acme Gating about upgrading to the fully-supported Acme Enterprise Zuul.


Zuul supports several code review platforms and cloud providers. The steps below will help you get started evaluating Zuul quickly. If you need help or advice getting started, or are ready for enterprise support, contact Acme Gating!

A number of the steps below ask for platform or cloud credentials. This application runs entirely in your browser and does not transmit any information to any servers. However, if you are prudently cautious and would prefer not to enter some information, just enter a string you can search for (like "CHANGEME") into any field, and then search for that and replace it in the resulting configuration files.

Code Review Settings