Acme Enterprise Zuul

An enterprise distribution of Zuul offering long-term supported stable releases. Support incidents are handled quickly by an experienced Zuul developer.

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Non-recurring Engineering

Development of product enhancements on a project basis. May include custom, site-specific features or new upstream features that become part of the community-supported Zuul project.

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Where ongoing help is required but is not project based (for example, assistance in migrating legacy test jobs to Zuul, or open-ended design consultation), consulting is available at an hourly rate.

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Online Training

The following online training sessions are available to help you learn more about Zuul:

Getting Started with Zuul

An online interactive training session focusing on getting started with Zuul. This is a two hour session and is limited to 4 participants for maximum interaction.

Date: 2022-06-29

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About Acme and Zuul

Acme Gating was started by the founder and project lead of the Open-Source Zuul project to provide expertise to any current and future Zuul users.

Zuul is a robust community-developed project used worldwide by enterprises and some of the largest Open-Source development efforts.

Acme Gating is a Silver Member of the Open Infrastructure foundation which manages Zuul development.

Acme Gating

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